Port: 9987 (default)
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We are preparing our new mod The Galaxy: Colonies, which will run on our server soon!
Mod contains:
  • several huge systems
  • new factions
  • new story
  • new scheme of weapons
  • new ships (and new possibilities - eg. mining with Mining Ship)
  • possibility to compose shield of separate components
  • possibility to dock to a ship of player
  • posibility to cloak
  • new visual effects
  • different types of scanners
  • tools for repairing undocked ships
  • constructing and upgrading stations
  • great battles and competitions
  • support for widescreen resolution and switch to windowed mode (ALT+ENTER)
  • new items in Options › Controls


Mod coordinator: Lord Of the Hell
Server-side coding, website: Death Killer
Graphics: Sadman
Models: Kuze
Other contributors: WOLFik, Draggo, n*o clan

Thanks to the Shattered Worlds : War Torn Dev Team for giving permission to use their assets in this mod.
© 2012-2019 Death Killer, Sadman, WOLFik
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