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F.A.Q. - Frequently asked questions

I run the downloaded installer but nothing happened.
There needs to be .NET Framework 4 installed in your operating system. Download and install it first. Download link

When I flew in the CRUISE speed, the engine suddenly shut down. Messages with some numbers and units were displayed. Then the hull of my ship starts dropping rapidly.
You need to have a commodity called "Engine Core Stabilizator" in your cargo hold for flight in CRUISE speed . It is the stabilizer of the engine core of your ship, which is necessary for the proper operation of the engine at such high speeds. Every second engine uses one stabilizer commodity. When you run out of stabilizers, the engine starts to overheat very quickly and that can lead to damage to the ship. Maximum value at which damage begins to occur is 1000 RPiE / s (Radioactive Particles In Engine).
To stop the engine overheats, you must press "S" (to slow) or "Z" (for Kill Engine) key.

An another player suddenly appeared on my radar and he wanted to kill me, I guess, so I put "F1" key and disconnected, but it took some time. When I joined again, my character was not in the list. Is this normal?
When you put "F1" key and there is another player on your radar, the message that you are trying to run a cloaking device appears to him. Your shield is offline and your ship will remain in space for 10 seconds after your disconnection. At this time you can be killed by anyone. So quick disconnect will not help you avoid confrontation with other players or death.
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